Will Zermatt Unplugged 2020 take place?
Unfortunately not. The planned festival edition from 14.–18. April 2020 was canceled.


Why is Zermatt Unplugged 2020 not taking place?
Today, in the wake of the Coronavirus crisis, the Federal Council massively tightened up the nationwide measures and increased the ban on events. According to this, all events with more than 100 people are now prohibited until at least 30.04.2020. This also applies to Zermatt Unplugged from 14-18 April.
The cantonal authorities have prohibited us on this basis from carrying out the festival, and we unfortunately had to make the decision to cancel the Zermatt Unplugged 2020 edition. It is not to be taken for granted health and safety – yours, our visitors, artists, partners and employees – have utmost priority.


Why could Zermatt Unplugged 2020 not be postponed to a later date?
For Zermatt Unplugged, numerous locations and various service providers are involved and we are dependent on their availability for implementation. This ranges from community infrastructure to hotels, mountain railways and restaurants. Furthermore, due to the availability of the tour plans of engaged artists, a postponement to a later date in 2020 is out of the question.


What happens to my tickets? Do I get my money back?
Tickets purchased and other ticket products for Zermatt Unplugged 2020 will be refunded.
> Click HERE.


Is it possible for my tickets/passes/VIP packages/Premium VIP packages to remain valid for the 2021 festival edition?
No. All tickets/passes/VIP packages Premium/VIP packages that are purchased lose their validity when the festival 2020 is canceled.


I have booked a Hotel & Ticket Package / Hotel & Unplugged Pass Package? Do I get my money back?
The Hotel & Ticket / Unplugged Pass package consists of two products:
The value of the ticket / Unplugged Pass will be refunded.
The cancellation and refund of the hotel booking is at the discretion of the booked hotel and contingent on their general terms and conditions.
Details and further information on the procedure will be communicated on 16.3. on our website and via social media. All buyers will be notified personally by email.


What happens to my hotel reservation? Can I cancel it?
Whoever has booked a hotel room should contact the respective hotel or booking platform.
Whoever has booked a package (Hotel & Ticket Package | Hotel & Unplugged Pass Package) should contact info@zermatt.ch.
Whoever has booked the hotel room (including the Backstage Hotel & Mont Cervin Palace) directly via Zermatt Unplugged should contact office@zermatt-unplugged.ch.


Will my travel expenses incurred be reimbursed?
Zermatt Unplugged strictly cannot cover travel expenses.


Will Zermatt Unplugged take place again in April 2021?
The effects of this cancellation hit Zermatt Unplugged particularly hard financially. The costs of not implementing the 2020 edition are very high. We now need some time to get an overview of what the cancellation means for the festival and for us as the organizer. The organizing team will work hard in the coming months to mitigate the financial impact of this cancellation and provide the necessary framework for the 2021 festival to be held again from 13.-17. April.

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